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Kino DRAMAWAS wants to bring people from all over the world, to make movies together with locals from Innsbruck. You belong behind or in front of the camera, you are young or old, a pro or a beginner? Everyone‘s welcome!

Kinokabaret (kinokabaret.org) is a movement, which is characterized by a very quick production process! In our case, the production time for a movie will not be longer than 48 hours. From an initial idea to the projection itself.
In a first meeting all participant will gather to introduce their ideas. After that, groups will build with the same interests to work at the presented ideas and shortly after the shooting will start. Now every team has 48 hours to film and edit their project and show to a big audience. The first session is over! At following evening the second session will start. The only challenge will be the time!

Our venue, the Bäckerei (diebaeckerei.at) - a former bakery - is the perfect place for this enterprise! There is plenty of room to meet, hang out, cook and eat, film, edit and screen.

To provide the venue and for cooking, we demand expenses from 30€/session, including breakfast, snacks and a hot dinner. Drinks will be available at very low cost. 

We are looking forward to see you in Innsbruck!



First Kabaret in 2012
Two years ago we started the Kino Kabaret in Innsbruck. Here are the movies from the last screening:

Snowkabaret Innsbruck 2012 from monoelemento on Vimeo.